The SEO Process

The SEO process isn’t just a one-shot deal. There are several options that go into driving internet traffic your way.

Step1: On-Page SEO

This is all about getting your site ready to be listed on search engines. Sure, if you don’t do anything, your site might get picked up and listed…somewhere. But to truly make your site effective you need to lay the foundation of good SEO starting with your own site. This includes all the steps necessary to ensure when search engine “robots” (the programs that evaluate your site) pay you a visit, your site supplies all the right information. We manually review all the pages of your site and ensure the following actions are taken:

  • Optimize page content and source code (alt tags, page titles, headings etc.)
  • Meta tag optimization
  • Site navigation and internal links
  • Site map creation
  • Robots.txt file set-up
  • Google Webmaster and Analytics set-up

Step2: Search Engine Submission

While most search engines are actively scouring the web in search of content, waving them in can’t hurt. Although Google accounts for 65% or more of search traffic, being listed on Yahoo, Bing and other search engines and directories will only help grab extra traffic and improve the link count of your site.

You may have received solicitations from companies offering to submit your site to thousands of search engines and directories. While they may live up to that promise, it isn’t just about quantity. In fact, numerous irrelevant links may actually be viewed as spam and hurt your Google rankings. Our team takes the time to manually select and submit to the most relevant and valuable link sources.

  • Your site will be submitted to over 100 search engines and social bookmarking sites
  • We will add your site to 500+ high-value directory sites
  • Keyword targeted site descriptions will be written for your submissions where required

Step3: Link Building

Links are great, but only if they are from quality sources. A well phrased text link from a trusted site is essentially a recommendation of your site to Google for that phrase. Get enough of those links , and Google will be convinced to place your highly recommended site at the top of its search results. But remember, it’s quality, not quantity that counts here, so be cautious of offers to build thousands of “spam” links…it is possible to have your site banned from Google. You don’t want that.

We will spend a set amount of time each month searching out and establishing links on high quality referring sites to ensure the maximum in-roads to your site and improved page ranking on search engines.

Step4: Blogging and Articles

When it comes to building your rank on Google and other search engines, content goes a long way. Google is in the business of delivering information to it’s users. If the search results it returns are not relevant or useful, people will stop using them. So, a sure-fire way to gain some ground on Google and other major search engines is to include relevant content on your site in the form or articles, or a blog. Blogs are excellent search engine resource that will be quickly picked up, indexed and even linked to from other blogs.

  • If you don’t have one already, we will install a custom, SEO-ready blog on your site
  • Our writers will take care of everything. From the content creation to posting it on your site.
  • Each posting will be optimized for your target key words
  • In our article writing service, 500 word compilations will be created and submitted to top directories

Step5: Local Business Listing

Local business listing results are often displayed above the natural, or organic, search results! So you want to be sure you are listed and capturing those local buyer’s attention. We will list your site on Google, Yahoo, Facebook Business Pages, and Bing.

Step6: Reporting

Ok, we did all this…did it help? Each month you will receive a summary of our search engine optimization activities as well as your web site traffic statistics. In this report you will see which keywords are performing, which are not, how your rankings are improving and of course, how much traffic your site is receiving.

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