The Process

Working with us is easy man! Sure we may not be in your city…or even your country…but don’t worry, it will all work out. Here are the steps we will go through…it’s easier than you might think.

Step 1: Pick a package or Design Your Own

The first step is to select one of our pre-made small business web design packages, or use our quote tool to tailor your own package. Think of it like ordering a sandwich in a deli…just tell us what you want us to through in there and make it all your own.

At this stage you will only be asked to pay 40% of your total project cost.

Step2: Connect with Your Project Manager

If you came to work with The Whole Shebang in person, you can skip this step…you’re such an over-achiever. However, if you are one of our many web-based customers you will be contacted by a real person! Yes, a real person from an Internet company…hard to believe, we know. That person will act as your project manager and contact for all the steps of your project.

Step3: Approve the Design

Shortly after your Project Manager has gotten in touch(usually 2-3 days), you will receive your design concepts. This is the really fun part…your idea has a face! Choose which one you like best, and let us know whatever changes you like until it is just right.

Since this is quite a time consuming task, when we get it done, we will ask for the next 30% of your project budget.

Step 4: Grab Your Shovel..It’s Time to Break Ground

With the design ready to go, it’s time to start building the pages, databases, functions and general guts of your site. While our staff of highly trained nerds handle this, your Project Manager will keep you in the loop as progress is made.

Step 5: So, What do You Want to Say

The site looks awesome, the gadgets are taking shape, the flashy bits are starting to move…but the site needs to say something. You Project Manager will provide you a list of pages that need to fill in and you can send text, photos and whatever else you might want on there. If this seems daunting, or writing just isn’t your bag, we have content writers available to help out.

Step 6: Whacha Think

Once our staff has have made their way through posting all the content, building the special functions and generally working their rear-ends off…you will have a chance to review it all, test it, poke it, prode it and give it a couple kicks just to be sure. If anything, and we mean anything, isn’t right…let us know and we’ll fix it.

Step 7: We Have Lift Off!

The final step…posting the site to your live web site for the world to see! With our work done, like all good super heros, we will fly off into the sunset…unless you want us to stick around of course. We offer several web site maintenance and marketing packages that will help keep that site looking fresh and visitors happily clicking their way to your online door-step. Your Project Manager can fill you in on these at any time.

Sound easy enough? If you are ready to, contact us to get started, or review some of our web site packages to see what might fit the needs of your small business.

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